The Clelia [Teens]


The Clelia sock was inspired by our sex positive, women empowering goddess, Clelia Duel Mosher. Her research and work helped free women from restrictive clothing and she conducted the first women sex survey of her time! The beautiful female body and sexuality were the motivation for this design! Learn more about the life of Clelia Duel Mosher here.

Love this design? Check out the men’s sizes here and women’s sizes here.

With every pair of socks you buy, a donation is made to Project TrĂªs – an initiative to empower and promote the economic development of women in India and Kenya.
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Where am I made?

I am produced in Poland, about 300km away from Berlin (where our head office is). I am made by a small family business who has been supporting their local economy for years. They adhere to European working standards and conditions and pay their employees fairly.

Who designed me?

I am designed by Kelly – a brilliant badass woman, kick-ass designer, mama of two, handmade-goods extraordinaire and creative professional. Read more about her on our blog.

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How do I support women?

I tell the story of Clelia Duel Mosher and every time you buy me online, a donation is made to a women’s charity. Our company is owned by a woman. We aim to hire and support as many women as possible in every branch of our business!

What about sustainability?

My shipping packaging is 100% recycled and the only plastic on me is the small staple that holds the sock label together! My thread is also dyed in Europe.

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75% cotton, 23% polyamide, 2% elastic

Teens Sizes

Girls 35-38 EUR = 5-7.5 US, Girls 39-41 EUR = 8-9.5 US, Girls 42-44 EUR = 10-12 US, Boys 35-38 EUR = 5-7.5 US, Boys 39-41 EUR = 8-9.5 US, Boys 42-44 EUR = 10-12 US