Anna Rueling & Fasia Jansen Feminist Greeting Card


Intrepid journalist Anna RĂ¼ling paved the way for LGBT activists with her 1904 speech that addressed the importance of lesbian rights in the women’s movement. She is regarded as one of the first modern women to come out as homosexual.

Fasia Jansen used her singing and songwriting talents to uplift anti-fascist and women’s movements. After being forced to work in a concentration camp kitchen in her youth, Fasia used her influential music to commemorate the female suffering she had witnessed.

Our feminist greeting cards collection is printed on 100% recycled paper, wrapped in a 100% recycled paper envelope and packaged in 100% recycled plastic. The greeting cards are blank inside and are perfect for any occasion.

They are illustrated by the multi-talented, proud-supporter and good friend of sisu socks: Imad Gebrayel.