Feminist Greeting Cards – Set of 3


This beautifully illustrated set of 3 Feminist Greeting Cards tell the stories of 6 different women that paved their own feminist paths. They were beyond their time and fighting for women’s rights, the LGBT communities and equality!

On the front of each card is a colourful, abstract illustration of each woman and on the back her story is told in english and german. These feminist greeting cards feature: Alice Salomon, Anna RĂ¼ling, Fasia Jansen, Nura, Shary Reeves and Helene Lange.

Our feminist greeting cards collection is printed on 100% recycled paper, wrapped in a 100% recycled paper envelope and packaged in 100% recycled plastic. The greeting cards are blank inside and are perfect for any occasion.

They are illustrated by the multi-talented, proud-supporter and good friend of sisu socks: Imad Gebrayel.