Nura & Shary Reeves & Helene Lange Feminist Greeting Card


Nura has used her successful rap career to shake up the male-dominated hip-hop scene and defy racial and gender stereotypes. She serves as an LGBT role model, performing at activist concerts and speaking out against prejudice.

Shary Reeves’ long list of impressive titles includes author, philanthropist, former football player, and host of the children’s TV show “Wissen macht Ah!”. As a proud LGBT woman of colour, Shary is a symbol of diverse representation in TV and a role model to her young fans.

Helene Lange was an outspoken teacher who published subversive criticisms of the inequality in women’s educational and career opportunities. Her rebellious work, including her 1887 “Yellow Booklet,” paved the way for the first female graduates from high school in Berlin.

Our feminist greeting cards collection is printed on 100% recycled paper, wrapped in a 100% recycled paper envelope and packaged in 100% recycled plastic. The greeting cards are blank inside and are perfect for any occasion.

They are illustrated by the multi-talented, proud-supporter and good friend of sisu socks: Imad Gebrayel.