20 Best Feminist Christmas Gifts Under $20

The 20 Best Feminist Christmas Gifts If You’re on a Budget

Christmas just isn’t the same without those cute Christmas gifts that put a smile on somebody’s face, that surprises them, that makes them think – “wow, I love this and I wouldn’t have thought to get it myself.” In this article, we’ve come up with a list of 20 feminist Christmas gifts that are under $20 and then a couple of extras in the $20-$30 range and then one special mention in the under $40 category.

If you have a feminist in your life and you’re on a Christmas budget, you’ve come to the right place! These feminist Christmas presents or even feminist stocking stuffers are cute, they are bold and they stand for equality.

Each of these feminist Christmas gifts supports women, as the businesses are owned by women.

Support your local SHERO!

Feminist Christmas Gifts Under $20

1. Not My Competition Sticker

Red Giraffe Designs is owned by Katie, who is a multifaceted creative babe! Firstly, she not only designs stickers, she also designs jewelry and hair accessories. Secondly, her Not My Competition Feminist Sticker fits perfectly as a water bottle sticker, a laptop sticker or simply anywhere your feminist friend would want to place it. And lastly, what better way to tell your bestie that you support her and want to see her shine than this feminist Christmas sticker?

2. Feminist Greeting Cards – Set of 3

Do you love supporting women? What about sharing the stories of women and learning about women from around the world? And do you love beautifully illustrated and eco-friendly feminist Christmas gift ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friend. This set of 3 Feminist Greeting Cards tell the stories of amazing activists who fought (and still fight) for the equality of all people! They are made from 100% recycled material and are blank inside – giving you the creative writing freedom you need to express your gratitude and love for your feminist mom, dad, sibling, grandma, bestie!

3. Sisterhood Enamel Pin

If you don’t stand for sisterhood and support, are you standing at all? For this year’s feminist Christmas gifts – this high quality Sisterhood Feminist Enamel Pin from Glitter Punk is the cutest way you can tell your girls that you will stand with them forever. This is such an adorable gift and your girls will be thinking about you and your love for them every time they see it!

4. Wild Woman Tote

The woman behind The Deck of Character is soft spoken, big-hearted and so loving. I bought my bestie her Deck of Character pack but this Wild Woman Feminist Tote has got me thinking! It is inspired by one of the cards in her tarot card pack. It reminds us to be fierce and strong and unapologetically ourselves. Christmas feminism just gave itself a whole new meaning.

5. My Body Is Not Yours Print

Sweet Sophie Lewis, the owner of the Hey Soph Lewis shop, has got some WORDS to share with us for this year’s feminist Christmas! The My Body is Not Yours A4 Print needs to be hung on a wall with pride. These words are everything we needed to tell ourselves every single day.

6. Feminist Socks Inspired by Women

Pick and choose which design you want, pick and choose what size you need of these amazing Feminist Socks Inspired by Women. Each sock design is inspired by the story of a resilient woman in history that changed this world for the better! A 10% donation is made to a women’s charity with every pair of socks purchased. What is a feminist Christmas without feminist socks for the whole family?

7. Feminist Stickers Bundle Pack

Feminist stickers are forever. The brilliant Sadie – the woman behind the brand Twentysome Design created this awesome Feminist Stickers Bundle Pack – you can choose how many you want in the bundle and which stickers you want, you can even decide if you want more than 1 of the same. Get creative!

8. Fuck Ableism T-Shirt

If you haven’t heard about ableism, get woke. If the people in your life haven’t heard of ableism wake them up with this Fuck Ableism T-Shirt from the talented designer queen, Alexandra. Be an intersectional feminist and learn about all the marginalized women in the world and support their causes! Because equality for womxn should mean equality for ALL womxn.

9. Mother Fucking Girl Power Sticker

I know, I know, I can’t get enough of dope stickers, I love them as feminist stocking stuffers! My laptop is covered in feminist stickers haha but they make me smile and make me feel strong and powerful – especially this Mother Fucking Girl Power Sticker from Shayna of Steel Metal Press.

10. Lemonade Dolls Girl Power Underwear

If you love feeling empowered and sharing that empowerment with the womxn in your life – the Lemonade Dolls Girl Power Underwear will give your loved one the confidence they need to love their bodies fully. Do you want to know why this is such an amazing feminist christmas present? Because they can rock in 2021 with a new outlook and love for their body!

11. Grow a Pair (of Ovaries) Keychain

If you think you need to grow a pair of balls you were wrong, they were wrong. We all needed to grow a pair of ovaries this whole time! What better way to show somebody how fierce they are than with this Grow a Pair (of Ovaries) Keychain.

12. Malcolm X Anti-Racism T-Shirt

Equality isn’t equality until we are all equal and we are all free. We here at Sisu Socks are 100% proud supporters of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and no it is NOT #AllLivesMatter because that’s bullshit and you know it. Buy this MalcolmX T-Shirt for your favourite intersectional feminist!

13. Less Judging More Loving Pouch

There is no message more beautiful than this. The Less Judging More Loving Pouch from the wonderful women-owned CoCoRose Apparel is the companion that your feminist friends need every day. When the clouds come and the judgment monster comes rolling in, they need only look at their pouch and they will feel better. They will be reminded how important it is to choose love over judgment.

14. Ruby Bridges Little Feminists Digital Print

The latina owned So Can I shop inspires the little feminists in your life to dream big. These cute illustrations of different womxn are perfect for any kids bedroom! Our favourite is the Ruby Bridges Little Feminist Digital Print – you can print it yourself and frame it and get creative with this feminist Christmas gift idea!

15. Strong AF Enamel Pin

If you’ve got a strong, fierce, powerful person that you adore – gift them with this adorable Strong AF Enamel Pin from the Feminist Punky Pins Collection!

16. Feminist Socks for Men

Feminism isn’t just for women, feminism is for all of us who believe in equality of everyone. Each of sisu socks’ designs come in a range of men’s sizes, each design is inspired by and named after a woman and 10% of online sales goes back to a women’s charity. Buy the amazing Yayoi Kusama inspired feminist polka dot socks for men!

17. Supporting Women Sticker

If this sticker doesn’t scream girl gang power, I don’t know what does! Sometimes a simple message like “Women Supporting Women” can mean the world to somebody. Especially this Christmas, when there is magic in the air and love is the highlight. Support this women-owned business and buy the Women Supporting Women Sticker!

18. Feminism Includes All Genders Print – Digital Download

Home decor just got a whole lot more interesting during this Christmas Season! Get creative with this Feminism Includes All Genders Print because it’s a digital download so you can pick what paper you want to print it on and what frame you want to use – second hand vintage shop that frame, woohoo!

19. Vegan Girl Gang Bracelet

It’s vegan, it’s adorable and it’s the best friends bracelet you NEEDED. The Vegan Girl Gang Bracelet is handmade, hemp, 100% vegan and built to last and made with love.

Feminist Christmas Presents Under $30

20. As Strong As T-Shirt

Support black owned women businesses and feel like a badass in this As Strong As T-Shirt from Mess in a Bottle (all t-shirts come in little bottles, so adorbz).

21. Girl Gang T-Shirt

Support a beautiful black-owned, women-owned business that has a strong message! Support women! They work with a social enterprise printer where profits from every order goes towards benefiting under-resourced students in After School Programs and Workforce Development Programs! How cool is that? Get this Girl Gang T-Shirt either in the unisex shape or a women’s shape and choose what size you need!

Feminist Christmas Ideas Under $40

22. Does My Sassiness Upset You Maya Angelous Pink Sweatshirt

Fierce message, cute colour, soft material and each sweatshirt is hand embroidered! Rani & Co. is a feel good feminist brand for the person who has a zest for life, fiery ambition and who doesn’t follow the rules defined by society. The word ‘Rani’ (pronounced Rah-Nee) means ‘Queen’ in Hindi. Get the Does My Sassiness Upset You Pink Sweatshirt for your fave Rani!


We hope you enjoyed browsing through these 22 Christmas feminist gift ideas and we hope you got some inspiration for all of your feminist pals!