Future Positive Giveaway

Welcome to the Future Positive x sisu socks Giveaway page. Below are all the details you need to enter the giveaway:

The giveaway includes:

  • 1 x a pair of socks (of your choice & size) and
  • A consultation/talk with me for 1.5 hours for those who were interested in starting their own businesses and want to ask me questions about my journey and what things I have done to prepare myself for entrepreneurship and things I do constantly to continue to make things work in the business. Or for people in the audience who have their own business but feel alone in their struggle of motivating themselves to keep going – I’m here for ya!

How can I enter the giveaway? DM @sisusocks on Instagram or Facebook and share with me the story of a woman that inspires you. I’ll announce the winner on 16.12.2019.