The Best Intersectional Feminism Podcasts You Need Right Now

The Best Intersectional Feminism Podcasts You Need Right Now

Podcasts are on fire right now! More and more brands, influencers, educators, bloggers & creatives are starting their own podcasts to expand their community reach and engage with their audiences on a deeper level. In other words, there is a special feeling you get when you hear the voice of a woman you follow online, it makes you feel so much more connected.

I find it hard sometimes to keep up with all of the new podcasts. Consuming information through books and other “old school” ways are more natural to me because I can’t seem to stay focused on just the podcast, distraction is real. There are different types of learners and I am definitely a visual learner. However, when something is interesting and when I find a good podcast, it’s worth it. So I want to share with you my favourite intersectional feminism podcasts.

Some of these intersectional feminism podcasts I knew of before and have listened to but some of these are brand new to me too… nonetheless they are really helpful, resourceful and make you THINK!

So let’s start, here are the Best Intersectional Feminism Podcasts You Need Right Now! (and needed all along actually…)

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1. Intersectionality Matters

Intersectionality Matters Podcast with Kimberlé Crenshaw –  In 1989 (the year I was born) this incredibly resilient and talented scholar and civil rights advocate developed the concept of intersectionality! Kimberlé Crenshaw is every intersectional feminists godmother, role model and queen! This concept came from years of research. Through this, she realized that gender and race were approached as very different problems. Kimberlé’s research showed that by looking at these two societal pain points as completely separate issues is counterproductive. Black and POC womxn are most affected by this counter-productivity. Her podcast aims to address critical race theory and I can promise you that her soothing voice, eloquent ways of approaching these hard topics and the incredible people she invites – are worth every single minute of listening!

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2. Boudoir Talk

Boudoir Talk Podcast with Monika Kozub is breaking stigmas and she is a force to be reckoned with! With her Boudoir photography she aims to help women feel empowered. In the same vain, her photography makes women more confident and in love with themselves and their bodies. But most importantly, not too long ago, she started her podcast – Boudoir Talk to break those taboos that still linger in the air when it comes to topics of sexuality, the bedroom and deep conversations that need to happen about vulnerability. In short, this is intersectional feminism. If you want to empower women and show them the light that is inside of them, you must explore every part of their being – including… seeing themselves as sexual beings.

The podcast episodes are similar to taking a course called “Adult Eroticism & Sex/Sexuality Education 101” – they are designed to enlighten you and deepen pleasure in the bedroom and achieve satisfaction within yourself. This intersectional feminism podcast is all about the journey into the realms of sexual psychology. You need Boudoir Talk in your life right now because many of us still aren’t comfortable with this topic. There is a lot of shame around this topic for many of us. This shame is what we were taught. We weren’t taught how to learn about our needs. In fact, we learned to ignore your own desires. Most importantly, this shit needs to change now, and Monika is part of this change. Give it a listen, I do all of my listening on Spotify

img source: Sarah E. Freeman/Grady College and Larry D. Moore

3. 2 Dope Queens

Welcome to the 2 Dope Queens Podcast with Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams! Although the podcast is no longer producing new episodes, they are all still so relevant and hilarious! They have this special chemistry between them. Firstly, Phoebe and Jessica are just so unapologetically themselves and it makes for easy-listening, even if the topics tackle race, gender, sex and everything in between. The topics might not be light, but they make you feel at home, almost as if you were hanging out with them on a Sunday afternoon.

Their charisma just flows so well together – this is what created a huge audience not only with the brown and black communities but white audiences too! Each episode features three guest comedians – they wanted to use this intersectional feminism podcast (although they may not label it as that) as a platform to amplify the voices of their friends and many people of colour and people with different orientations and identities. Each episode gives their guests a chance to be the main character, rather than a side or supporting character which they may often be portrayed as. Tune into the 2 Dope Queens Podcast – cry a little, laugh a lot and learn something!

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4. The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist Podcast with Deborah Frances-White is a brilliant example of intersectional feminism gone BIG! Last year, The Guilty Feminist Podcast was not only nominated for Best Comedy Podcast at the British Podcast Awards but it also won Best Lifestyle and Culture Podcast at the 2019 Pod Bible Podcast Awards and on top of that – in 2019 Apple recognized it as one if their Best Listens! The accolades can speak for themselves.

For me, it’s two main elements that draw me into this show – it’s the live audience and the laughs. We need to talk about feminism. We need supportive forums to discuss about feminism! The Guilty Feminist intersectional podcast talks about the insecure moments. Mixed in with the hypocritical moments and the fears that loom around the mere thought of feminism. The absolute brilliance of the guests on the podcast cannot be explained in my own words. You will have to listen for yourself. We’ve got Zainab Johnson, we’ve got Climate Change with Sara Pascoe, we’ve got talks about the Ego with Kemah Bob, we’ve got Getting Older with Jenny Eclair – the list goes on and on – with over 200 episodes, you can be sure that you’ll find something that suits your feminist heart needs.

5. Call Your Girlfriend

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The “Call Your Girlfriend” Podcast with Ann Friedman, Aminatou Sow and Gina Delvac is the podcast I needed. This is a podcast for long-distance besties!  Each week, Aminatou and Ann call each other and discuss the latest in politics, pop culture and true bestie love. The love that only those who have it, know exactly what that means and those that don’t – wish they did.

My best friend lives 7,233 km away from me and this podcast made me really feel that distance. It reminded me how strong that bond is.

Most importantly, we’ve got two best friends who are all about real-talk and are fiercely opinionated (as besties are). As a result, we’ve also got topics about body shaming and periods all the way on to violent police suppression. Then we’ve got conversations about feelings and emotions! And on top of it all, the guests are a mixture of creatives, celebrities and activists. They are incredibly intelligent and the things they say… trust me, you need to hear!

Just like sisu socks fans, these women are the unapologetic feminists we all aspire to be. To sum it all up, I think my favourite part of this duo is that they love snacks as much as I do. Listen to these besties meow!

What is your favourite intersectional feminist podcast?

I find myself listening to podcast in the morning after my daily meditation. I love it the most on weekends when I can sip a nice cup of coffee, cuddled up with my favourite pair of feminist socks, my favourite feminist tshirt that I bought too big on purpose and I channel the history and stories of all these womxn to give me the energy I need for the day.

What is your favourite intersectional feminist podcast? What are ways that you integrate intersectionality in your own life?