sisu socks design inspiration

First and foremost, if you haven’t already heard it through the grapevine, we aim to support women with every aspect of the sisu socks business! That’s why we hired Kelly from MikikoCanada – a brilliant badass woman, kick-ass designer, mama of two, leather-goods extraordinaire and creative professional – to design our socks!

mikiko_canadaKelly not only created the entire brand identity for sisu socks, she also absolutely nailed the sock designs for each woman. I gave Kelly a simple idea and she ran so much further with it than I ever could have imagined. I am blessed to know this woman – she lives and breathes talent.

Our sock designs are inspired by amazing women in history who have made incredible strides and who have changed this world for the better. We want to take an ordinary item like socks and turn it into something with meaning, something you feel proud to wear…because to us, it’s so much more than a sock, it’s what you stand for, it’s what you support. Wear your sisu socks with pride and support amazing women.

The Clelia Duel Mosher Collection

clelia duel mosher collection - inspiration

This collection is inspired by female sexuality, empowerment, botany, menstruation, fertility, new life and the beautiful and elegant curves of a woman. Although the story of Clelia Duel Mosher goes so much further than just these words, they embody her in the sense that these are the things she fought for and was passionate about, the things she loved, researched and was emotionally married to. A true fighter and an advocate for women empowerment in the midst of the Victorian era, when women were seen as physically inferior to men, Clelia screamed loudly in the most profound way – she conducted research that proved the world wrong.

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Because of her we have insights into the the sex lives of Victorian women; she showed us that sex for women didn’t just have to happen for reproduction but that women find pleasure in it too. She cheered these brave women on! Clelia also proved that what people referred to then as a woman’s “monthly disability” was a myth – she told the world that it was down to those damn corsets, a lack of exercise and the inevitable and natural pain that came with menstruation. She talked about the things women in that era needed to hear, the things nobody else was talking about. She was a hero and role model for the students in her life. And when she wasn’t fighting for female empowerment, she was growing the most beautiful plants and flowers in her garden. Read more about Clelia’s story here.

The May Ayim Collection

may ayim collection - inspiration

May’s collection is an ode to her African roots, the African mudcloth, her book – “Blues in Schwarzweiß” (Blues in Black and White), her poetry, writing and activism. The shapes, dots and lines on the May Ayim Collection socks were inspired by her wit as a poet and writer; every pen-stroke and every period represents so much raw emotion and bravery. The colours on the sock designs are an ode to her poetry book “Blues in Schwarzweiß” (Blues in Black and White):

“These poems have passion and irony and always a strong magnetic force…for even her humor, her playing with words and her punch lines never veil the strength of her protest against racism, sexism, and all the other isms that add sadness to our society… Unique and already in the hearts of all of us that are persecuted and full of thirst.” –Maryse Condi

may ayim socks for women inspired by blues in Schwarzweißbrown and beige african mudcloth socks for men

The shapes on these sock designs represent the thousand women that came together in 1984 to hold hands and stand side by side during the first joint conference of foreign and German women. May described this as a meeting of those who faced similar struggles, who knew what it was like to live a life in the margins, to be not just a woman, but a black women. It was among the many-faceted voices of black academics, authors and activists from all over the world that May found a place from which to speak. This sense of community is an integral aspect of May Ayim’s work. The support she felt gave her the courage to be vocal and her voice brought together and empowered so many others, particularly women of colour, to tell their stories.

Read more about May’s story here.

The Yayoi Kusama Collection

yayoi kusama collection - inspiration

Bold colours, unending polka dots, loudness, the starry night, and her out of this world red bob cut were the ultimate inspiring elements of the Yayoi Kusama Collection. As many of you may already know, Yayoi Kusama is the queen of the polka dot, transcriber of infinity, advocate of mental health awareness, and art-extraordinaire.

Considered by many as the most successful living female artist, she is known for her all-encompassing polka dot installations in galleries around the world. It was through Instagram that she became most famous, when the world gathered together using the #yayoikusama hashtag to share their experiences in her polka dot rooms. Her message spread across the masses and so did her popularity. After many decades of struggling with who she was as an artist and trying to prove to the world that she was an icon, the world finally listened.

big red polka dot socks for menpolka dot socks for women

The Yayoi Kusama socks are inspired by one of her infinity light rooms. A room that captivates its visitor and swallows them peacefully into a moment of thought, forcing us to explore the infinity and power within ourselves. Her infinity lights and her bold colour expressionism are embodied in The Yayoi sock pattern. The Kusama sock is an ode to her stunning red bob, an iconic symbol of this incredible badass woman. It is through her bob and these bold colours that we wanted to express her embodiment of the refusal to bow down to male domination and the courage to show female power. Read more about Yayoi’s story here.